Fill Room with laughter for the one and only “Humour” issue! Genocides, heat waves, floods, fascism, an ongoing mass disabling event:the world is burning and it’s no laughing matter. But humour can be a weapon, a coping mechanism, a sacred instinct that keeps us alive and living amid the most devastating conditions. We laugh to not cry. We laugh to critique. We laugh to remind ourselves that we aren’t powerless. We laugh to offer tenderness to a room, to ward off despair, to open our chests and lower our shoulders—so we can be brave. We laugh to play, to remind ourselves we still can.  

Send us works that uplift to role of laughter in resistance, break comedic genres, explore the uses and limits of irony, upend white supremacist and ableist origins of standup—tongue-in-cheek, deadpan, alive-pan, cringe, unbelievable, absurd. Reinvent tragicomedy. Insist on the transformative power of the pun. Break open the anatomy of a meme. Send us stories about your favourite inside jokes, the funniest member of your family, the importance of play and improvisation in survival, fighting back, and building a new world. Make us believe again in the blithering power ofsatire in a world that satirizes itself.Make us roll on the floor spitting out our drinks, until we cry.

Edited by Jane Shi, Sadie Graham, Tara Preissl, and Gitanjali Bal

 This issue has a rolling submissions period. Submissions will close once our submission limit is reached, and will not open again until our next issue.



  • Your entry must be original and unpublished (in print or online)
  • We accept submissions upto 3500 words. Longer submissions will be rejected automatically.
  • Please submit in 12 point font. Times New Roman preferred but not required. 
  • We gladly accept simultaneous submissions. If another publication accepts your work for publication, please notify us and withdraw your piece immediately.
  • Please do not send a second submission in the same genre until you have heard back from us considering the first one (Note: You may enter our contests and submit a regular submission at the same time so long as the materials are different.)


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